Website Security and Maintenance

Protect Your Web Presence

WordPress is one of the best and most flexible website building tools out there, with a wealth of free and paid themes and plugins. However, it is also vulnerable to attacks by people and bots trying to turn your website into a spam platform to make money for others. 

Subscribe to WordPress Maintenance

To insure your site is protected at all times, please contact me to sign up for my professional WordPress maintenance service. Billed quarterly, this service gives you the peace of mind knowing that your web presence is protected. This service includes:

  • Backups: Automatic daily and weekly backups, saved to a secure cloud storage account
  • Malware prevention: automated scans performed regularly to assure your website files have not been compromised
  • Attack prevention: security tools prevent bad actors from bombarding your website, trying to guess your password, in order to gain access and compromise your site
  • Plugin, theme and WordPress platform updates: your WordPress platform and all themes and plugins are monitored for updates to prevent bad actors from leveraging known vulnerabilities

Signing up for this service compensates me for my time and the professional tools I use to monitor and manage your website. This service helps you budget costs by offering a reasonable, fixed quarterly charge for these services.

For those interested, I also offer a monthly report that details all maintenance activities performed, along with other useful information about your website. Contact me for a sample if you’re interested.