You have to start somewhere…

Jon GuerringueThis site

Having a real website for my business has been a long time coming.

Sure, I’ve made excuses—the old “Shoemaker’s Kids Always Go Barefoot” thing, meaning that while I’ve been doing work for my clients, I haven’t had time for myself—but they are that, just excuses, and sounding pretty hollow to me these days. Especially given the range of powerful, yet relatively easy to setup up tools, like WordPress (the basis of this site).

When I started my consulting business back in 2000, there were no other firms named  “JG Marketing & PR” on the Internet, competing for the same name Google ranking. Not so anymore. All the more reason to put up a real site, with real content, that will get indexed and associate real traffic to my domain.

Part of my hesitation, and procrastination, was the old me saying “it needs to be perfect” before I go live. But over the past nine years, I’ve come to realize that the web is constantly changing and evolving. So you’ve got to start somewhere, and just keep making it better. Iterate.

So this is where I start. With an off-the-shelf template, to be sure. So right now maybe the look isn’t unique. But the search engines don’t care what it looks like, they care about what the content is. And that is where I will start building this site. Over time, the look will change and become more unique. First task will be to add my logo to the header. And then… we’ll see.